Multimodal fast imaging

Non mechanical scanner
Fullfield scan up to 40Hz
Roi scan up to KHz
Multiplan scan up to 20Hz


Ultrafast random access

Unique speed recording
Point of interest up to 100KHZz/POIs
Ultrafast local volumetric excitation up to 20KHz/VOIs
Validated voltage indicator recording

Evolutive design

Customized configuration
Upgradable and extendable
Up to 2 scanner channels

High-end hardware

highest performances and usability
Ghz high speed electronic
Photon counting
Giga sample analog acquisition
Ultra precise synchronisation




Fast and Silent Imaging at tunable speed

AODs are fast pointers but also fast scanners (patented) which can surpass resonant galvanometric mirrors, while remaining completely silent.
The inertia-free angular scanning yields utmost linearity, tunability and repeatability, as compared to the sinusoidal scanning behavior of resonant galvos.

Multiple Z planes and Multiple Regions Of Interest (ROIs)
Resonant galvanometric mirrors can only address a set of adjacent lines of the same size and in the same Z-plane, limiting your experimental capabilities.
Our AOD system can scan seamlessly multiple ROIs at resonant speed as well as multiple Z planes. Flight time between any ROIs or Z-planes is 10 µs.

Tunable dwell time (50ns/pixel → ∞/pixel)

 Quiet scanning for unbiased behaviour experiments

Freely selectable Multi ROIs up to maximum speed

Multi-plane imaging at different Z with no moving parts